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Tonse Upendra Anantha Pai



26-11-1895 to 13-12-1956


The college is maintaining a good library equipped with recent text books and reference books pertaining to commerce, management and computer science subjects. Besides the library is also equipped with books of general reading in English, Kannada, Hindi, Konkani and Sanskrit viz. novels, fictions, literary books and books on personality development etc. At present, the College library has about 11,879 books.

News Papers and Magazine Section : At present, the College is subscribing to ten different daily news papers in Kannada, English and eighteen journals, majority of which belong to commerce and Business Management areas besides about thirty two magazines of general interest for the benefit of the students.


Library Rules :

Reference : The student who needs library books for reference should produce the identity card. On returning the reference books by the student, the identity card will be returned to him/her.

Issue and Returns : Each student admitted to the College is given two borrowers tickets. The student has to surrender a borrowers ticket, when he/she has to borrow a book. The borrowers ticket will be returned when the books are returned to the library. The student can retain the book issued to him on the borrowers ticket for a maximum period of 7 days. The book can be renewed if there is no demand for the book.

If the books are not returned on the due date the student will be fined Rupees two per book per day.

Discipline within the library : There shall be no talking in the library or the reading room except while consulting the library staff.

The reading room must not be used as students common room. Strict silence should be maintained at the reading room.

The Librarian has the right to expel a student member or other visitor who violates disciplinary rules.

Damage to books /periodicals : Before leaving the issue counter with a book issued to him a member should satisfy himself that the book is in a sound condition. If he finds that it is not in such a condition he should immediately bring the matter to the notice of the Librarian or his deputy. Or else, he is liable to be held responsible for any damage to the book which the library staff may notice on his returning it to the library.

No user of the book/ periodical from the library shall make marginal notes therein, or underscore any line/passage therein, or tear off any part or otherwise disfigure and damage it.

Loss of books /periodicals : If any book or periodical from the library gets lost while in a member's custody he shall replace it with a new copy. If it happens to be out of print (or not available owing to any other valid circumstance), he must pay its price to the College along with any fine which the Principal may prescribe and pending the replacement of the books or payment of its price, the member will not be allowed to borrow any books/periodicals from the library.


Students Book Bank is started to provide additional study materials to the students. The books borrowed from the book-bank may be retained by the students for one academic year/semester. No additional fee is charged for this facility. Within a couple of years a full-fledged book-bank will be developed to provide atleast a few good reference books to every deserving student. At present, students book bank scheme has about 3,545 books.


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